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Earn While You Learn (EWYL)

Earn While You Learn is a nationally acclaimed program where expecting mothers can learn about their bodies during pregnancy and what to expect with their developing baby. The client is paired with a staff member or volunteer who meets with her every two weeks. The client can earn $2.00 in “Mommy Money” (on paper, not actual money) for every lesson and $1.00 for completed homework. This money can be used to purchase needed baby items. This allows the client to feel she is providing for her baby with a hand up and not a hand out. After the client has her baby she returns for a baby gift from the center and can continue to come for parenting classes and continued assistance with baby items.

Baby Boutique

The baby boutique is for clients to come and get clothes, diapers, wipes, baby bath products, formula, baby food and miscellaneous baby items. It is stocked solely on donations.

Maternity Closet

The maternity closet is for expecting clients to supply them with maternity clothes, literature on pregnancy/parenting, personal hygiene products and miscellaneous items. It is stocked solely on donations.

Free Pregnancy Test

We offer free pregnancy test to anyone requesting one. The test are self-administered with staff/volunteers assisting and a proof of pregnancy is provided.

Prayer Group

The prayer group consist of a group of faithful community members committed to praying for the center and clients weekly. It is inspirational knowing we are being coveted in prayer.

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