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Our Story

Hope Women's Center began in 1990 as Tri-County Pregnancy Center(TCPC). The location was near the boundaries of the Greenville, Pickens and Anderson county lines. The goal was to reach the women in those counties who had no other place to go to receive help for their crisis pregnancies. TCPC's first location was on Hwy 123 in the building with Good News Travel Agency. The center had one office that doubled as a counseling room; one main counseling room and one bathroom. Those little rooms were always busy meeting the needs of women who saw the sign and heard that there were people who cared for them. As the center grew and began meeting needs of women mostly from the Pickens County area, it moved further down Hwy 123 to Cross Creek Plaza and built a facility next door to Christian Supply Bookstore, where it stayed for two years. The facility was very adequate and seemed to be in a great location. Christian Supply became Crossway Bookstore and needed more room and TCPC's lease ran out. It was then, in 1993, that the house which was once the parsonage for Arial Baptist Church, was put on the market and TCPC found a new and permanent home! This new home is a blessing to meet the needs of the ministry and the needs of the community. In 1997 the Board of Directors and staff of TCPC decided that the name "Hope Women's Center" more properly spoke of the ministry's desire to reach out to the community and the women in need. Since its birth in 1990 the pregnancy center has ministered to several thousand women and celebrated the birth of numerous babies. Hope Women's Center has also seen many souls brought into the Kingdom of Christ. All to the glory of God.

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Meet The Team

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