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What is the Baby Bottle Campaign?

The Baby Bottle Campaign is a way for Churches, businesses, organizations, or groups to have their members/employees directly provide financial support to the ministry of Hope Women's Center. 100% of the funds go directly to Hope Women's Center and are used to transform lives and save babies. The bottles also raise awareness for those in our community about the impact Hope Women's Center has in saving lives of babies and supporting their mothers.

If you have participated in our campaigns in the past, you know how easy, successful and encouraging it can be in promoting the pro-life message. If you have not, please know that it is never too late to join! Our prayer is that all participants will be educated about the sanctity of life and know that they are making an eternal impact on the lives of the people we serve.

You can be part of this vital ministry by participating in this campaign. It's so easy!


  1. Come pick up bottles from Hope Women's Center 

  2. Distribute baby bottles to fill with coins, cash or checks

  3. Gather the bottles back up

  4. Return the bottles to our center


You can help enable us to continue the work God entrusted us with. Let's get started.

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